[dev] [st] A call for our non-Latin users.

From: Christoph Lohmann <20h_AT_r-36.net>
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2012 10:47:48 +0200


While adding more font support to st I was thinking about how to add for
example the big Chinese or Japanese gylphs to st.

If you are regularly using non‐Latin gylphs in your terminals, please
tell me what terminal you are using for this and how you prefer to dis‐
play them inline between the latin characters. What pixel size are you
using to properly be able to read those non‐Latin characters?

There are two ways to add non-Latin support to st:

1. Adopt wide chars or variable chars and allow those characters to not
really work, but display right, like urxvt does it.

2. First rely on the pixelsize of the given font and cut or scale the
bigger font down. Then allow the user to dynamically scale up the pixel‐
size, so it is possible to scale up, if such a character appears. This
will lead to bigger latin fonts too. Not scaling them is possible too,
but would create big gaps between them.

Anyone has some comments on this?


Christoph Lohmann
Received on Fri Oct 05 2012 - 10:47:48 CEST

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