Re: [dev] [surf] [patch] Multiple views, one process

From: Strake <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 20:13:19 -0500

On 19/10/2012, Calvin Morrison <> wrote:
> I think the largest benefit is the cache. Loading up many
>'s would mean you'd have to reload all of the images
> and such, whereas with one process, you wouldn't have an opportunity
> of overlap cache.

So make a local HTTP caching proxy.

Alternatively, to save memory perhaps, one could use local shared
cache files, e.g. /var/cache/surf/<hash of URL>

> for unix-tooly-ness with kill, you could intercept signals and only
> have them apply to the current window.

So to kill some window, I must first switch to it, then kill it. Not
so bothersome interactively, but quite difficult in a script.

That, and KILL is uncatchable, so it would kill them all; same for STOP.
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