[dev] [st] [patch] alternate screen selection bugfix

From: <p37sitdu_AT_lavabit.com>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 18:15:29 +0400

To trace the glitch, I added
    fprintf(stderr, "%d %d\n", sel.alt, !!IS_SET(MODE_ALTSCREEN));
into the draw() function.

What happens:
1. Start st. Type something: both sel.alt and IS_SET(MODE_ALTSCREEN)
are 0.
2. Run "man man". MODE_ALTSCREEN is set to 1.
3. Press LMB. sel.alt is 0, MODE_ALTSCREEN is 1, selection is not
displayed because of the '(sel.alt != 0) ^ alt)' check.
4. Release mouse: sel.alt is set to 1, but selection is still not
5. Select again: everything is ok.

After I quit "man", MODE_ALTSCREEN is set to 0 and the same thing
happens again, now sel.alt is 1. So selection is displayed only the
second time.

The problem is that sel.alt is set to IS_SET(MODE_ALTSCREEN) only when
selcopy is called, i.e. when mouse button is released. So I moved
"sel.alt = IS_SET(MODE_ALTSCREEN)" to getbuttoninfo.

Patch is attached.

I also made IS_SET always return 0 and 1 to make things simplier.

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