Re: [dev] gregkh likes us

From: Nicolas Braud-Santoni <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 14:15:13 +0100

2013/2/18 Mihail Zenkov <>:
> 2013/2/17, Kai Hendry <>:
>> Also doesn't help that I can't easily compile the bloated kernel
>> without setting fire to my machine or taking days out of my life to
>> unselect all the bits I don't need in the config.
> Yes, kernel have many options - but is great as you can tune it very
> accurately without unneeded bloat.

Moreover, it is (mostly) a one-time cost.
Copying your .config to a new kernel's source and running make
oldconfig is quite fast.
You get prompted for a lot of things you answer no to (and
occasionally yes), then you are ready to make all modules-install .
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