[dev] [st] strange behaviour with feh and ranger

From: Andreas Marschall <andreas.marschall_AT_unitybox.de>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 20:00:49 +0100 (CET)

Good evening,

I just tested the latest git version of st with feh, which is my image
viewer of choice, and ranger, which I sometimes use as file manager. st
behaves like this;

when I open a folder of images in a simple st session and type: feh *.JPG
to see all images in that folder it opens up the first image in tiling mode
(tested with dwm and monsterwm). When I hit "v" to go to fullscreen the
image goes fullscreen but then nothing works anymore. The arrow keys
don't work for skipping through the other images, "q" for quitting
doesn't work and I can't leave fullscreen with "v". Only MOD4 + x which is
my "kill application" shortcut works after a while.

Besides the above behaviour, when I open ranger first in an st session, go
to the image folder and mark all the images with "v" and hit enter the images are in tile mode. I hit
"v" again the image goes fullscreen. If I hit arrow keys in order to got
to the next image, it leaves fullscreen, goes into tiling and places a few
of the images even behind the tiling windows overlapping even my taskbar. If I leave the images in
tiling mode and skip through them with the arrow keys and hit "v", then it
jumpst back to the very first image.

needless to say that urxvt on the other hand handles these tasks just
fine, so at this point unfortunately st is not a full replacement for
urxvt, yet.

but I'm shure you guys keep up the good work :-)
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