Re: [dev] [st] windows port?

From: Max DeLiso <>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 15:34:48 -0400

What I can take away from the collective thoughts above is this:
effort spent trying to make windows better is generally wasted, and
contributes to the problem of the proliferation of shitty software. I
agree with this.

> As for "normal users" they need a good kick in a nuts to wake up and learn to
> learn tools that they use. If people got behind car wheel with atitude they get
> behind computer life would get terrible very quickly for everyone. As someone
> in some comment on slashdot stated: computig is only field where people come
> knowing nothing about it, work with computer for 10 years and still do no know
> shit about thier tool. That is pathetic.

But I ask, what is the point of crafting a beautifully minimalist
system if its not accessible? If your answer to this is: "screw those
people who can not understand our system - they are too stupid to
appreciate it anyways", then haven't you committed the same wrong that
your fundamental principle of simplicity values so highly?

> Anyhow, it might be good to get some more experience with Plan 9 and
> suckless programs / systems / code style before posting too much here...
> so that people will not have cause to abuse you.

I've loaded (old) plan9 isos from Lucent in a virtualbox, and built &
run Inferno hosted on windows and linux, but I haven't spent any
significant time with them. It's cool how some ideas like /proc
percolate upwards into linux land though.

As for suckless programs, I used dwm last summer during an internship
(on ubuntu though ironically), and it was great! I have since switched
to debian + xmonad. st is a cool project and I will likely continue to
use it.

> You could write your own terminal or try to port st for 'fun'. You might
> like to write a portable terminal in standard C or C++, [...]

This is what I'm going to do. It's really more a learning exercise for
me, I am still a student after all. I accept the fact that probably
nobody will use or contribute to my project.

My aim was not to start a flame war over windows here, I apologize if
I created any noise. I really only still run windows because I play
some games which only run on windows. Steam runs on Ubuntu but it's
still a little premature, some severe memory management bugs. It looks
like win8 is going to fail hard, and I think this in
combination with Valve's linux push will enable a more robust
ecosystem for commercial grade games shipping to linux.
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