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Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 15:46:20 +0100

* Christoph Lohmann 2014-01-30 15:17
> About the modestring: The modestring is a given institution and
> won’t be extended. If more than the alphabet is needed, something is re‐
> ally going wrong in the web.

really really? how could that come!

> Any comments?

Regarding cookies: Vanilla surf implements currently 2 policies: Always
and never (by having proper cookies.txt and by `ln -s /dev/null

I've been using both, the latter for a year or so. Most places I visit
work for me. Sometimes it is annoying to have to re-login in new surf
instances, but that's all. I've learned to pay this, and not touch other
browsers or allow All cookies.

Same with modestring: javascript is on (to allow script.js stuff) and
plugins are off and I don't mind much toggling plugins when on flash
sites, or toggling javascript on annoying sites.

Making things site-specific can be indeed quite useful. But if this
comes at the cost of too quirky code for modefile management, I'd drop
it. Upstream even more.

This is my perspective as already surf user. If it comes to gaining
popularity, making the world better by bringing people to use
less-sucking browser -- this is another story, and all these features
are a must.

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