[dev] [quark][patches] fixes and http 304 not modified

From: Hiltjo Posthuma <hiltjo_AT_codemadness.org>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 15:39:15 +0100


I would like to send a couple of patches for quark. I made more
changes to quark for my own purposes, but I thought the below changes
might be useful for the suckless quark aswell :) . Feel free to apply
any patch (or none) you want.



    change the HTTP status code of "moved permanently" from 302 (moved
temporary) to 301.

    removed some unused code.



    On each request quark sends the "last-modified" header with the
modification time of the requested file. The clients browser might
store this field and use it on the next request(s). Quark will check
the "if-modified-since" field with the modified date sent by the
client, depending on this send all the data or the "304 not modified"
http status.

    CAVEAT: it is assumed the exact field will be send by the client,
no date/time conversion is done for simplicity sake, as far as that's
possible with http ;)

The patches are also available at:

Kind regards,

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