Re: [dev] Project Oberon

From: Charlie Murphy <>
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 11:09:50 -0400

Paul Onyschuk wrote:
> I'm not completely sure if it's in interest of this mailing list, but
> underlying philosophy isn't far away from that of suckless community.
> Hope I don't upset anyone too much by posting this, on the other hand
> maybe someone will find it useful.
> I won't describe in detail what Oberon is, since information about that
> can be found on Wikipedia [1] and other sources. One thing I will point
> out: there is clear relation between interface of Oberon and ACME text
> editor from Plan 9.
> Niklaus Wirth recently revised his Project Oberon [2] - programming
> language and operating system implemented for minimalistic RISC
> platform on top of FPGA. Simplicity is assured by the fact that whole
> description and/or implementation of system, language and platform must
> fit into the book.

I've seen someone use Oberon in a virtual machine and it is a groovy OS.
Sadly, I didn't see any pipes or other IPC like that, but the "toolbox" idea
where you open "toolboxes" as text and then click/modify actions on them is

If you replace Rio with Acme, Plan 9 behaves a lot like Oberon except it
doesn't have rich text formatting.

- Charlie Murphy
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