[dev] Is there any suckless issue tracker?

From: Joshua Haase <hahj87_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2014 10:54:55 -0600


I was reading a two years old discussion about the design of a suckless
issue tracker [1] and I was wondering if any progress has been made.

I can't find anything on [2], [3], nor in the gmane mail archive.

[1]: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.misc.suckless/8312
[2]: http://git.suckless.org/
[3]: http://suckless.org/other_projects

If there is none, I'd like to reopen the discussion.

Do not cross this line if you have a suckless issue tracker.

I've found these issue trackers that have some interesting features:

https://www.chiliproject.org/ (redmine fork)
https://trello.com/ (not really an issue tracker)

Now, an issue tracker is no place for a wiki, a calendar (is there any
good one?), a forum or such...

But those products focus on *project management*, which is more than
just issue tracking, and for which (AFAIK) there is no decent foss
solution (ChilliProject is the better one I found and it sucks).

And after reading [1], I've thought of this:

* an e-mail interface like ii is for irc.
   - this way assigning bugs to sb can be just a symlink.
   - changes on an issue are sent to the responsible either by it's ´ii´
     link or by its ´imail´ link.

* a file system based to do (issues) list:
   - a folder per issue.
   - a text file where title, priority and other properties are managed.
   - a (or some) log text files.
   - a symbolic link for owner contact FIFO.
   - a folder for attachments
   - a (or some) folder for links to related issues
   - managed by the project's content manager (i.e. git, mercurial)

   it would look something like this:

       - owner/
           - link(s)-to-owner(s)-contact-fifo
       - subscribers/
           - contact-fifo-link(s)-or-e-mail-list
       - related/
           - relationship:bugid -> related-bug-dir
       - attachments/
           - 000-related-file
       - INFO (title, due-date, version, build, steps-to-reproduce,
               tags?, estimated-time, etc)
       - 000-first-event-or-complete-log (from, date, content)
       - 001-next-event-or-none

* an e-mail api that manages:
   - bugs+id,commands_AT_projectname
     and translates the info in the e-mail to the issue tracker file system.

* a monitor that:
   - sends mail to relevant people when files changes.
   - commit changes when file changes.
* a bayesian file-content sorter:
   - this should also work for mail sorting.
   - applies some action at the end.

* [optional] evidence based scheduler.

* [optional] search tool (could be grep or anything)


* An issue tracker makes the most value as part of a project manager.
* That project manager should be made from many suck less parts (any one optional)
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