[dev] New version of st

From: Roberto E. Vargas Caballero <k0ga_AT_shike2.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2014 20:18:29 +0200


> St has been updating the terminfo on installation on its own. The recom‐
> mended way to install suckless software always has been to compile it
> from source. So there is no real reason to care for the current terminfo
> definiton to be in the ncurses terminfo database. It would be nice, but
> it isn’t a must.

I always install st from sources (of course ;)), but the problem is that
sometimes I have to connect to remote machines where I do not have root
rigths, or even (in some non usual cases) I do not have home directory.
There is also the case of OpenBSD, where you cannot install an overriden
definition of a terminal present in the terminfo database. So, it is not
a must, but it is very convenient.

> For the stable release: Yes, it’s time. The utf decoder seems to be sta‐
> ble enough and there aren’t any more pending definition complaints for
> the key array. Are there any patches still pending? If not, I will make
> a new st release.

I have some things pending, but they are far of being stables for commiting,
so for me it is ok. I think we can freeze a version and keep it a few months
before of creating the stable version. I don't want find some bugs like the
segmentation fault of 672e4e4 after creating the stable version.


Roberto E. Vargas Caballero
Received on Thu Apr 03 2014 - 20:18:29 CEST

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