Re: [dev] Surf hacking. Search Engine and Homepage

From: Charlie Murphy <>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 03:09:53 -0400

Henrique Lengler wrote:
> Hi, this is my first time in the mailing list, so, i don't know how to efficiently
> use this!
> I'm trying to set up a homepage and a searchengine on my surf web browser. But i
> can't understand the official wiki. I added those lines in my config.h
> #define HOMEPAGE ""
> static SearchEngine searchengines[] = {
> { "g", "" },
> };
> But anything are working. I really don't know if i'm doing right. Someone can help
> me?

Hi Henrique!

I notice from your mail headers that you are using the Mutt client. It took me a
long, long time to figure out I had to reply to list e-mails using the 'L' key,
and also to have this in your .muttrc:


I had this problem on other mailing lists. Knowing beforehand would've saved me
much embarrassment in other lists. So, hopefully this helps. Good luck!

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