Re: [dev] Surf hacking. Search Engine and Homepage

From: hiro <>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2014 01:08:07 +0200

"I would suggest not arguing with an Administrator"

arch linux never fails to bring great value.

On 4/9/14, Bigby James <> wrote:
> On 04/09, hiro wrote:
>> > You can use a search engine to look for key phrases
>> in error messages that will lead to hints on how to resolve issues.
>> That's pretty awful advice if he doesn't know any C. stackoverflow and
>> ubuntu-forums are not the place to learn programming.
> You don't necessarily need a deep understanding of C to figure out why a
> patch
> failed to apply. Manually applying a patch might be all that's needed.
> Every
> suckless user eventually runs into a failed patch at some point, and while
> reading K&R cover-to-cover might be a great idea it's probably more time
> and
> effort than necessary to solve a short-term problem. It's more likely the
> questioner would lose interest in the interim. Sure, my advice may or may
> not
> lead to much long-term learning, but your advice amounts to "If you want to
> learn how to solder, go get a two-year electrician's certificate." Besides,
> I
> was merely suggesting that the OP put at least a little effort into fixing
> a
> problem this time around,[1] rather than asking someone to hand over the
> answer
> with a dearth of information.
>> > First of all: Don’t top post.
>> Bad rhetoric. If you want to say fuck off say fuck off to him already.
>> One line should be enough.
> The OP claimed to be unfamiliar with how the mailing list works; the
> respondent
> gave a piece of advice concerning basic etiquette. There's no rhetoric
> involved,
> just a blunt request.
> [1]:
> --
> "A common mistake that people make when trying to design something
> completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." -
> Douglas Adams
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