Re: [dev] [PATCH] Don't make bold text bright with default color

From: Yuri Karaban <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2014 09:33:35 +0300

>>>>> "CL" == Christoph Lohmann <> writes:

>> (by the way I just noticed that st is also brightening underline
>> text, while other terminals don't)

    CL>> If you request the brightening of underline, you will get
    CL>> brightened un‐ derline.

Ah, sure, I didn't modify defaultunderline in config.h. I'm sorry thant
I haven't sorted out details before posting (that was just a side note
which I noticed "by the way").

>> 5. I think that's enough (I think I can find more examples of
>> inconsistent behavior if provided examples are not convincing)
    F>> Imho, checking if the default color has been altered just
    F>> invites nasty edge-cases and generally bloats the code up
    F>> unnecessarily. However, I'm open for new ideas.
>> I love symmetry in code too, and it's disappointing when new
>> circumstance does not fit into an elegant model. But if such
>> behavior is expected by programs, probably it worth to be
>> implemented.

    CL>> My first thought after reading all of your posts was: Fix those
    CL>> damn programs, they are doing it all wrong for years.

I'm sorry if my posts looks offensive. I really didn't mean that.

I just think this particular peculiarity can be unnoticed for years if
most users are using st with dark background and light foreground, since
in this case bold+bright is look even nicer than just bold (and such
behavior is coherent with standard linux console, which just doesn't
have a possibility to show bold fonts and using bright _instead_ of

    CL>> Your idea of moving fg and bg out of the color array is
    CL>> interesting and might add the semantics of a relative
    CL>> »background« or »foreground« color to a dynamic selected custom
    CL>> color.

I will prepare new patch in the next few days then :-)

By the way you already handling ATTR_ITALIC and ATTR_UNDERLINE specially
(if(base.fg == defaultfg)), and if defaultfg would point to index
inaccessible by ANSI color sequences, defaultitalic and defaultunderline
would have similar semantics too (if color is set explicitly with ANSI
sequence they won't have any effect, no matter even if actual color has
the same name or hex value as default foreground).

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