[dev] [sinit] 0.9 release

From: sin <sin_AT_2f30.org>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2014 20:30:18 +0100

Greetings everyone.

sinit 0.9[0] has been released today on suckless.org.

The code is hosted on git[1] and we also have a dedicated
tools page[2].

You'll find everything you need to know in the code and in
the provided README. I am planning to post some usage information
in the wiki.

Please note that sinit is considered stable and complete. If
you have any patches, feel free to submit them to the wiki.


[0] http://dl.suckless.org/sinit/sinit-0.9.tar.gz
[1] http://git.suckless.org/sinit
[2] http://tools.suckless.org/sinit/
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