[dev] [dwm] trayless workflow

From: Yuri Karaban <suckless_AT_dev97.com>
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2014 22:54:10 +0300


I browsed suckless mailing lists and I found that system tray is
discouraged in dwm and it's suggested to use tags instead.

I was always using workspace separation (with other window manager) and
I have instant messengers on dedicated workspace. But system tray is
still very useful, without switching workspace I can see that I have new
message on IM or someone has replied me in IRC.

I tried two independent tray applications (trayer and stalonetray), but
they look alien to dwm. They have fixed size floating windows, and they
overlap tiled windows. They have the same borders as other application,
and does not stand out from other applications like dmenu. And trayer
has a bad habit to grab focus after switching active tag, and it's
getting underfoot when switching focused windows with Mod-j and Mod-k.

System tray patch from patches section is working fine for me. It's less

I'm not in any way asking about taking patch to upstream. I just want to
know what what is the alternative way to monitor activity of
applications which I usually monitor with the tray icons.

Probably I not understood well trayer and stalonetray options and they
can smoothly integrate into dwm.

I appreciate much any advice.

Amor vincit omnia.
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