Re: [dev] [dwm] trayless workflow

From: Yuri Karaban <>
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2014 23:32:43 +0300

>>>>> "MM" == Manolo Martínez <> writes:

Hi Manolo!

Thank you very much, it's exactly what I need :-)

It's wonderful that dwm indicate UrgencyHint on hidden tags, it covers
my needs 100%. Now I can easily get along without system tray.

>> I just want to know what what is the alternative way to monitor
>> activity of applications which I usually monitor with the tray
>> icons.

    MM>> I find that urgency hints are more than enough for irc. You
    MM>> probably need to instruct your irc client to issue them
    MM>> (e.g. in irssi/config: "bell_beeps=yes") and your terminal
    MM>> emulator to understand them (e.g., for urxvt
    MM>> "URxvt.urgentOnBell: true" in .Xresources).

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