Re: [dev] [st] Feature to replace st window by spawned x window

From: Lee Fallat <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2014 17:34:17 -0400

On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 5:17 PM, Nick <> wrote:
> Esteemed comrades,
> I remember reading ages ago about how graphical programs launched
> from Plan9's terminal thing (/editor/whatever) replace the window
> it's in. I would really love a patch for st to do the same. So I
> could type 'mupdf mything.pdf' and mupdf launches in the same window
> as st was inhabiting, with st magically returning once mupdf exits.
> Does someone with more knowledge of X11 know whether this is likely
> to be readily do-able? Can you launch an arbitrary X program and say
> "use this window"? I'm guessing not, but don't really know.
> There are disadvantages to this approach, the main one being hiding
> stdout & stderr. But I still think it could be interesting.
> Nick

Hey Nick,

Maybe something like Xembed would be useful. Alternatively, you could
simulate it in a window manager by managing children processes
maybe?...So rather a patch for st, it would be a patch for something
like dwm. I don't know if that can be done easily in X/Linux/*BSD etc.

I look forward to other ideas,

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