Re: [dev] [dwm] trayless workflow

From: Yuri Karaban <>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 10:43:37 +0300

>>>>> "BJ" == Bigby James <> writes:

Hi James!

Thank you for your insights, but my original concern was about missing
something important when tag is hidden, and urgency hint is just right
for that.

I aware how tags works, but I don't like mixing programs: I'm using
editor and browser often, but I don't want to see them on the same

Basically workspaces and tags are the same thing, and internally
implemented in similar way, with the only difference that workspaces
establish 1:1 mapping and tags establish N:M mapping.

But even with dwm I still would use 1:1 mapping. My brain is single
threaded, and I'm better concentrating on work when I have just one
application before my eyes. When I switch type of work, I'm switching
workspaces. It's natural to me.

    BJ>> Read a bit about the nature of tags in dwm.[^1] Other window
    BJ>> managers and desktop environments work in such a way that you
    BJ>> have multiple virtual desktops, each one with its own
    BJ>> windows. If you want to work with one window, you need to leave
    BJ>> the ones in front of you behind when switching
    BJ>> desktops/worspaces, and possibly rearrange others when arriving
    BJ>> at the new desktop/workspace. In dwm, you have one workspace,
    BJ>> and can think of each tag as a label within a file folder;
    BJ>> clients are like sheets of paper.

    BJ>> Rather than switching between sets of windows on different
    BJ>> desktops, you're grabbing the sheets of paper you need when you
    BJ>> need them. No need to reach for the mouse, no need to dig
    BJ>> through menus, no need to have out-of-place icons in the
    BJ>> statusbar. As far as workflow goes, you'd of course want to
    BJ>> keep the number of clients opened with a particular tag to only
    BJ>> what you need most of the time, so you don't end up pulling a
    BJ>> bunch of windows in at once.

    BJ>> [1]

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