Re: [dev][project] soap - a simple xdg-open replacement

From: Nick <>
Date: Sun, 4 May 2014 10:36:46 -0400

Quoth Manolo Martínez:
> > Yes, I educated my family and most of my friends.
> And what's the protocol/client you educate them in? My family is
> Windows-only. Tox, perhaps?

FYI for me it's Jitsi with (SIP) or (XMPP). It's java, so not pretty, but it works
pretty reliably and straightforwardly, and has ZRTP and OTR built

It's much easier to persuade people not to use Skype now compared to
last year thanks to Ed Snowden. Plus I moved a long way away from my
friends and family recently, so people are more motivated to
actually put a small amount of effort in to being able to speak to
me however I demand ;)

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