[dev] Re: [ANNOUNCE] req 1.0 - a gawk und dmenu powered plumberlike

From: Robert Figura <nc-figuraro_AT_netcologne.de>
Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 11:55:33 +0200

On Thu, 8 May 2014 11:46:18 -0400
Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe <first.lord.of.teal_AT_gmail.com> wrote:

> Quoth Robert Figura on Thu, May 08 2014 10:37 +0200:
> > Maybe i'm just paranoid or bad at explaining. Care to give me a
> > hint? What's been useful, what would you keep?
> It may be just a matter of formatting and copy-editing. I may have
> been reading this with man-page expectations, but the opening
> section does not give me any clear idea of what req is supposed
> to do. Lines like 'bring reason to your history, favorites,
> scripts...' sound like advertising; 'personal workflow elements'
> and 'rapid prototyping framework for micro interaction' belong to
> that species of gray, abstract language that hangs like a dense
> mist before the eyes.

It's an artifact of me compressing an unreasonably long feature (or
use case) list to replace a word that doesn't exist. It seems a "gawk
and dmenu powered plumberlike" is the right way to put it, at least
where people have already heard about the plumber. Too bad i tought of
that only in the last minute #-]

> Rob Pike's paper does a great job of making
> the concept seem intuitive and simple; it might be a good model.

That must be the case, it has inspired me to do this! I'll look at it
again. Thanks again for stating the obvious.

> The
> SYNOPSIS section should also be before the examples, so that people
> understand what they're looking at.

I'll strip it down a bit. Maybe SYNOPSIS, SHOW CASES and EXAMPLES alone
would make me happy, let me see...

> I'd like to mess about with the program a bit first, but if I can
> assist in any way I would be happy to help.

I'm really interested in any kind of feedback. Patches should be a
great way to start a topic. Or short awk fragments, in case a full
patch would imply a significant overhead, e.g. for a couple of lines.

Or just place your repo somewhere for me to look at. Really. Curious.

Thanks and Kind Regards
  - Robert Figura
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