[dev] [ANNOUNCE] dlauncher - dmenu based launcher

From: Xinhao Yuan <xinhaoyuan_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 10 May 2014 21:29:50 -0400

Hi there,

I would like to announce dlauncher, a dmenu based launcher I wrote to
replace synapse(https://launchpad.net/synapse-project) which is no
longer in development. dlauncher reuses the minimalist dmenu UI and
supports plugins that provide dynamic content.

repository: http://github.com/xinhaoyuan/dlauncher

highlighted plugin:

 * history - conveniently recalls your command history
 * ssh - takes hostname and open ssh session in a terminal emulator
 * zsh - completes command using zsh engine (I think this is really awesome!)

Please enjoy it and I am happy to take feedback :)

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