Re: [dev] [GENERAL] License manifest

From: Nick <>
Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 18:01:08 -0400

Quoth Dimitris Papastamos:
> It is simple to understand. MIT/X does not require a Ph.D in Law.

That's not entirely true, really. MIT/X may be very short itself,
but it is part of a legal system that is inherantly complex, and
claiming that if you can understand the few sentences of the license
without knowing a lot more about copyright law is wrong. The GPL is
long in part because it is explicit about lots of things that (if it
weren't a law context) could just be reasonably inferred.

GPL is nearly as conceptually simple as permissive licenses, I

Has anybody seen Richard Fontana's drafting of a simplified GPL? I
can't remember the name now. That looked really nice, last time I

I'm always torn as to whether to go permissive or copyleft for my
own projects. But these days I'm tending back towards copyleft.
Because proprietary software is something that should not exist.

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