Re: [dev] C coded cross-platform youtube video viewer

From: Sylvain BERTRAND <>
Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 14:34:14 +0200

You missed the points.

I don't want "standard" distro integration to be a massive work.
Now it's near unreasonable to integrate a proper desktop distro
alone, and it's quite worse from a "SDK" point of view. It's good
for the business of distro integration: coze a small team, or a
sole coder cannot "compet" reasonnably. I'm being ironic, but I
don't think I'm far from the truth.

High level script languages are *many*. And forcibly used in many
base components. Perl5 in autotools, apt/dpkg (have to re-check),
ruby for grub2, python for portage, javascript for desktops
(gnome) and I don't count all the "code generators" SDKs do have.
Last time I tried to get rid of the autotools from the glib (not
glibc), I ran into perl5 and python2 (and not 3!!) code
generators. For libsnd, I discovered a crazy code generator
written in GNU guile. Of course, each high level scripting
language has to manage its module dependencies and so on, and
it's of course of massive kludge... yes nearly *each* of them.

People choosing to code using C with some libs, did choose it
perfectly knowing that they will sacrifice some comfort compared
to *insert your favorite high level scripting language* with
*insert the chosen framework specific to that high level
scripting language*... (the funniest is PHP with its tons of
different www frameworks which do not work together but aim at
the same thing).

That works with crazy complex statically compiled languages like
c++/java (which is probably the worst)/etc.

Then, yes, I dont want all those things as system dependencies,
coze I don't want to have to maintain integration on those very
expensive pieces of software. The hard part, they will have to
do it: to bundle in their SDK those thingies. It would
solve only one part of the pb, coze I'm sure they would use build
systems like cmake or the GNU autotools, then making the removal
of those for some basic sh scripts or basic makefiles, a real
nightmare (and I already put forward the issue of code

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