Re: [dev] Microblogging?

From: Nick <>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2014 10:38:01 -0400

Quoth Manolo Martínez:
> My question
> was about non-proprietary microblogging platform that people actually
> use. The creation of a tiny, hackable miroblogging platform
> in C might or might not change how that question would be answered a
> year from now, but it would not change how the question is answer as of
> today.

Doesn't have some sort of mechanism to get posts into and
out of proprietary networks like twitter? It's been a while since I
read about it, but I remember liking the design back then; it seemed
simple and well thought-through.

That would be worth looking into, I'd have thought. Beyond that,
there's probably some IRC thing like bitlbee (maybe even bitlbee)
that can post to twitter et al, if that's your thing.

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