Re: [dev] [surf] WebKit1 deprecated

From: Nick <>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2014 20:33:20 -0400

Quoth YpN:
> Few months ago, I saw that webkitnix[1] was dropped. But the last
> commit isn't too old, it seems to be still updated sometimes.
> Maybe it could become really interesting for us.

Yeah, I was sad to see it was dropped. The problem is that being the
web, if it doesn't stay supported and updated, it'll no longer be
compatible with lots of the new horrors our web overlords have
planned. And not many people seem to jump at the task of web
renderer development.

> About netsurf, yeah why not. But it lacks some properties IMHO.
> One of my friend tried to run a CSS2 website from me and the support
> was horrible, despite the care applied to the code.
> CSS2 support isn't complete.

Probably. There isn't javascript support yet, either (though they're
working on it). I don't really care; I'd rather have a renderer that
displays most webpages fine, and doesn't make me go "aaaaghh" ;)

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