Re: [dev] C coded cross-platform youtube video viewer

From: Sylvain BERTRAND <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2014 18:02:51 +0200

> - not use GNOME

As a matter of fact, I don't have gnome. But, having "any high
level script" bindings in order to customize the gnome desktop is
ok... till it's not mandatory for a reasonnably featured
desktop. If I'm not wrong, gnome desktop APIs are based on
gobject which can be interacted with *any* proper language. The
main issue is when deploying a gnome extension with a language
you don't have system installed. That's why gnome devs force
javascript: to know that by default you will have javascript to
write your extension. But with the new gnome software
installation front-end, extensions may be installed with proper
dependencies (they need to agree on package names to be the same
across all distros though). Moreover, C coded extension would be
compiled or script-compiled (see tinycc... :) )
One really bad thing, the javascript engine they use is switching
to c++ (this is very bad). SpiderMonkey from mozilla.

> - accept that people will build things with scripting languages and
> that you will need them

No. Never. Same for gcc from version 4.8. Their c++ can go to
hell. And that I know for sure is going to be very hard to get
rid of it. That's for sure is not suckless stuff. Open source
software is being corrupted and dirtied to become a massive kludge
in a way... well... see this video, it's self-explanatory:

>> ruby for grub2
> Haha, what?

I checked... it seems ruby dep is gone. As far as I can remember,
last time (more or less a year ago) I tried to install grub2, it
ran a ruby program. Maybe some fishy distro integration script.
(I have been using lilo for ages).

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