Re: [dev] [PATCH][st] Refactor the innermost loop of the xdraws function

From: Charlie Kester <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2014 17:12:15 -0700

On Fri 06 Jun 2014 at 13:55:25 PDT FRIGN wrote:
>On Fri, 06 Jun 2014 21:27:33 +0200
>Christoph Lohmann <> wrote:
>> This will introduce the notion that gotos are allowed. Won’t be applied.
>> A refactoring without goto would be applied.
>What's the problem with gotos? It's some bullshit proposed by some
>Java-fanatics who don't understand compilers that gotos were not
>allowed, but they are in many cases much more efficient than long

In fairness to the Java fanatics, prohibitions against goto's predate
Java by many years. Dijkstra's letter "Go To Statement Considered
Harmful" was published in 1968, while the Java project wasn't begun
until 1991.
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