[dev] Hey

From: grayfox <grayfox_AT_outerhaven.de>
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2014 18:03:04 +0200

Hey folks,

I'm grayfox (aka raymontag on github, aka lykaner in Chaos Computer
Club circles) and just want to introduce myself with this mail.
My main interest beside my physics studies (atm I'm writing on my
bachelor thesis about quantum computing) is programming. Normally I
use C and Python but in the last time the trend goes more to C. From
time to time I try myself in reverse engineering, too, but I'm not
very skilled in this field. Inspired by the suckless philosophy I
currently port my password manager KeePassC into C when I find time
for this task with the plan to write an easy-to-use CLI to be able to
parse KeePass databases in other programs.
Last but not least I want to say thanks for your software it really
improved my workflow.


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