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Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 15:26:34 +0200

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Martin Kopta <> wrote:

Hey Martin!

> so I got myself to write yet another article [3]. As promised, it is about Surf
> and little bit about tabbed. I have tried to incorporate your comments (thank
> you!) and I will provide you with summary of feedback after few days.

I can't wait to read it as soon as is back online! Stay tuned
for feedback. :)

> I left next article topic unset so if you have idea what to write next about,
> please respond.
> Otherwise, I am probably going to write (rather short) article about st.

st and terminal-emulation sounds like a nice topic to write about. I
haven't been involved with its development until a few weeks ago, but
had the chance to get a lot of insight into its design.
Basically, if you design a terminal-emulator, you have to deal with the
graphical and emulative part simultaneously.
In our case, Christoph Lohmann is the graphics- and Roberto E. Vargas
Caballero the emulation-maintainer. They are the gurus to talk to and
they know their business!

As far as it goes, most old terminal-emulators suffer from unnecessary
complexity (like most software does). As the st-index-webpage already
showcases, xterm has never fully been stripped from its old cruft.
The newer ones suffer from another nature of complexity, mostly due to
the "modern" requirements for a "fully-functional" terminal-emulator.
If you want to hear more details about it, let me know!

Now, st isn't perfect. The most obvious complexity we have at the
moment is the font-cache, which basically suffers from Xft's and
fontconfig's designs.
Being at ~3800LOC (with more and more refactorizations coming), there
really is hope we can get below that.



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