Re: [dev] C coded lightweight Linux vector graphics editor

From: Charlie Murphy <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 07:00:27 -0400

Sylvain BERTRAND wrote:
> Unfortunately, the C toolkits over there are turning very bad:
> GTK+ and the EFL do depend on harfbuzz for their font layout
> computation which is an *really* ugly c++ object-oriented
> brainfuckage (uglier that the glib SDK dependencies!). I did a C
> port of harfbuzz (drop-in replacement), but for basic text layout
> (roman style). Then to keep your GUI suckless, you should package
> a version of a toolkit to allow trashing harfbuzz, or avoid crazy
> SDK deps... This is unfortunately more work.


For a proof-of-concept, SDL (or X) is enough. The editor needs this

- Draw shapes.
- Change curves of existing shapes.
- Change properties of existing shapes:
  stroke width, stroke color, and fill color
- Load (paint[1] lets the user type 'rFILE' to load FILE)
- Save (paint[1] lets the user type 'wFILE' to save FILE)
- Nest/reference other files, like "symbols" in Adobe Flash.

SVG and Asymptote both look very complicated... PostScript is a good
output language but not a good source-file language. Maybe we need a
new source-file format. See the attached proposal.

How about a trio of programs like this?

vectorrender - render a file and forbid circular dependencies.
vectoredit - graphically edit a single file. fork()s to `vectorrender`
vector2ps - convert a file to PostScript.


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