Re: [dev] Plain text editor that sucks less - an alternative to VIM?

From: Dimitris Zervas <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2014 18:07:15 +0300

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>> 1. Most vim bindings (not all, but most), just altered a bit in the
>way they behave.
>Ok, just use vi or vim or some other similar editor.
Ok, so you're just telling me to use a particular editor because of the bindings.
So you may also use windows just for the white cursor...

>> 2. Fantastic syntax highlighting
>This may be considered harmfull in general. [0]
I'll seriously think of it. It convinced me. I'll try it.

>> 3. Fantastic auto-completion (a small menu appears while you type and
>you press tab to accept or ctrl/alt to navigate).
I will also reconsider this.

>> 4. Code folding
>> 5. Snippet/template support
>These features are just to support boilerplate and other sucky coding
>habits. The complexity should be managed by the programming language,
>that's what it's there for, not the editor. The need of aforementioned
>features is merely a symptom of deeper issues within the code.
But these, not. I will not rewrite the same code 5000 times. How many time have you written an eprintf function?
Or maybe create a library (and link to path etc.) which contains 5 functions and you use one. Nope, snippet support and comment templating (disclaimer or function explanation)
I can't see anything bad with code folding. Just fold those 2 functions that have nothing to do with what you search

>> 6. Documentation while you type
>> They may seem a lot and difficult, but they already exist here and
>there, just not all compiled in a suckless way.
>> I've tried most of the said editors and I simply can't live without
>my beloved vim bindings.
>I don't know if there's a suckless way to implement these. LLVM could
>a way to implement some of those features without code duplication with
>compiler frontends, alas being C++, not suckless.
Why C++? To do a quick search in the documentation and render the text beautifully?

>> We NEED a new editor.
>To an extent, I agree. There are some real issues regarding a
>suckless implementation of the editor (curses and most UI-toolkits
>suck). I think most of the features listed are a non-issue. However,
>an editor implemented with suckless technologies would be nice, but
>the actual issues are not within the editor, but in the enviroment
>that surrounds it.
I totally agree that courses suck (I even did a topic to reimplement such toolkit).
But, terminal graphics really comfort me. You don't have to bring up X to make a change in a file. I can edit any file from the comfort of my editor, and not pivot between editors.

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