Re: [dev] [ls] [PATCH] ls implementation or -R -C -q -u (WIP: please help test)

From: Alexandre Niveau <>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 16:16:41 +0100

There's a problem in isprintrune in sbase, it can only return 0 because
of the “&& (r < 0xFFF9) && (r > 0xFFFB)” part. When fixing it (and the
others problems I mentioned earlier), Ralph's patch works (it needs
cleaning though).

> The only real way to do this is to also look at wide characters. As you
> may have already seen, I finished up libutf in regard to the is*rune()-
> functions, so just go through each filename _rune by rune_ and check if
> isprintrune() is false, replacing the rune with '?'.

I'm not sure how this differs from Ralph's implementation. Do you mean
he should decode the filename to get a rune array, modify it, then
encode the array back?
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