Re: [dev] Torified surf is unstable

From: spaceman <>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2015 12:24:03 +0100


>I run surf through tor using 'torify surf'. If I don't add the '-i'
>option, it segfaults when searching on Duckduckgo. Even if I add the
>'-i' flag, it crashes after some time with messages like
>"*** Error in `surf': free(): invalid pointer: 0x095ca248 ***"
>or a segmentation fault and often reaches 100% CPU usage. Can you
>replicate this situation?

Just a suggestion but why use torify at all if you insist on torifying
everything. You can use IPTables to redirect all TCP (or that which want) to
Tors TransPort. You can then block all unsafe UDP traffic. Setup a simple DNS
server to shove DNS through Tor using the DNSPort using your preferred DNS
server. You should be to go on everything then.

What you want can be achieved easier with a networking solution rather than
hacking with code. Another suggestion is to use Polipo as a proxy but that
ain't so practical.


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