Re: [dev] Is Wayland really a solution to X11 cruft?

From: hiro <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2015 22:26:51 +0100

From the stuff you list that i do know about 3D rendering, cups, sane,
policykit, consolekit, pulseaudio and systemd are not required for
desktop environments.
Where can I find the thoughtwork you claim existed at the start?
That programs work programatically doesn't need extra notion I think.

On 10/30/15, Teodoro Santoni <> wrote:
> Good evening
> 2015-10-30 14:57 GMT+01:00, Marc Collin <>:
>> They don't see to know what they are trying to "fix" in the first place.
>> How about reimplementations of Xorg that actually sucks less?
>> Like for example (really far
>> from being suckless, but looks like a start).
> This is not a matter of just Wayland. A desktop environment (and,
> generally speaking, any user experience on a gui) often may require
> different and multiple input and output than kbd, mouse, monitor;
> starting programs and video object programmatically, turning on
> devices programmatically, 2D and 3D rendering,
> X server at some point tried to do all these shit, then some projects
> modernized and took out pieces from X. So it's a matter of Wayland,
> CUPS, SANE, libinput, udev, policykit, consolekit, pulseaudio,
> systemd.
> The thoughtwork imho was good at the start, then every imbecile and
> standard committee came to the battlefield. They have never been good
> at mantaining well-functioning a bunch of video cards on unix, they
> will behave very poorly at mantaining in a well-functioning state a
> million types of personal computers with unix. It's too big of a task
> as it is, and they lack of the common sense required to do it well...
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