Re: [dev] [sent] "Terminal doesn't support images" isn't quite true

From: Teodoro Santoni <>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2015 12:35:24 +0100

2015-11-17 4:26 GMT+01:00, Pickfire <>:
> Hi, I had found these in sent example:
> also:
> terminal presentations
> don't support images…
> In My Humble Opinion, terminal indeed can display images, look at w3m
> although it is badly designed.
> I think that it can be something such as "terminal has bad support for
> images" instead of »terminal don't support images«


terminal emulators may display colorful characters resembling pixels
in the image, depending on each terminal's color support.
What displays the image in w3m case is an external X client (although
called by w3m) which puts the bits onto the {xterm,libvte
terminal,qterminal} and redraws the image somewhere else every time
you scroll the page.
In terminology case [0], the program has builtin commands for dealing
with other files than plain text or text with vt100 control codes,
thus draws images or pdf pages in the terminal window. It does more
than just emulating a terminal.

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