Re: [dev] [sent] 0.1 release

From: Markus Teich <>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2015 13:30:14 +0100

hiro wrote:
> I have done some presentations in word, fixing errors that i did in the night
> before while still presenting. people *love* the instant gratification of
> having their contribution incorporated into the "slide" in the most visible
> way.

Heyho hiro,

you're welcome to provide a patch implementing a reload keybinding. Then you
could have the source file open, fix stuff during the presentation and then just
reload the file. Should not be too hard.

> Afterwards I compiled it all to latex and then pdf and everyone got something
> to take home and copy-and-paste from much more efficiently.

Not sure if sarcasm… I don't think copying from a pdf is more efficient than
copying from a text file. I don't know any pdf reader, that does it right, it's
a mess.

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