Re: [dev] dwm: Poor performance of some games.

From: Rodrigo S. Cañibano <Draco>
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2015 23:06:05 -0300

> Do you happen to use multiple monitors? Try setting both monitors to
> floating mode.

I just have one monitor. I also tried disabling Xinerama, but it had not effect.

> Also is the mouse capable of leaving the game area while you're playing?
> When you say moving the mouse; are you referring to moving the mouse
> well within the edges of the window or when you're moving in/out of the
> window?

If I start the game windowed, the mouse can leave the game. The
slowdown only happens when the mouse moves inside it, but not when the
steam overlay is active.

> And finally do you have borders enabled? (are the borders resizing the
> window to fit your monitor rather than giving the game the fullscreen
> area)

When the game starts fullscreen, It has no borders. I tried to apply
the "Better Borders" patch, but again it had no effect. Did you mean
something else?

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