Re: [dev] advised surf-webkit2 dependency versions

From: Quentin Rameau <>
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2015 12:47:12 +0100

> I'm trying to use surf's webkit2 branch

Thanks for testing it!

> As to the problems I'm having. For starters, I get a maybe harmless
> compile warning about string formatting[1].

Yeah, do not worry about that.

> In runtime, sometimes surf
> behaves really strange. It does not render certain sites

Surf doesn't handle rendering, that's the work of webkit.

> I am running Debian Stable, so it is very likely that my libraries are
> outdated. I already had problems compiling, due to webkit2gtk being
> too old, and runtime warnings due to soup being too old.

It is very likely indeed. There's a whole tree of dependencies behind Webkit
using gtk3, I can't really tell you what's wrong with your setup on which I
have no information.
Maybe there's something wrong also with the video drivers, activating or
deactivating use of acceleration in rendering could help.

Good luck with your hybrid Debian stable/testing!
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