Re: [dev] Mailing lists sucks.

From: hiro <>
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2015 17:16:50 +0100

if you want filtering and automatic ordering i can only repeat: use facebook.

if you want to retain your power, try to use the most general tools
possible to achieve exactly the filtering and ordering that you need.
we all already did that, but you say a standard (that says nothing
about it's implementation) is better than some implementation (that
you barely know, and might be fitting the original intention of your
standard better than your implementation).

i will never create an nntp discussion forum because with mail i can
reach more disciples. you'll see if you don't use e-mail they'll
overthrow you.

reading mailing lists is not the only thing that requires clever
filtering, priorization and reordering.
since e-mail is a standardized international human right^W^W service.
i was already forced to deal with all it's suckyness. solved problem.
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