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> >i have no better idea than to exchange screenshots...
> >i checked on a virgin freshly installed browser, and linkedin showed me the banner "PLEASE LOGIN!!!"
> That means that LinkedIn has variable behaviour.
> Probably dependent on client's IP-address.
> I have never seen in my different browsers (with or without enabled
> JavaScript for example) that is provides ability to watch the profile
> without authorizing first.
> That service does not offer data high-availability.

i always hated them.

let's try copy-paste, is it readable?

With over 18 years of experience in software industry in various roles (practicing
multiple languages and paradigms) I contributed to quite a few successful projects.
My most distinguishable achievements include:
• (system architect and chief developer)
• (co-founder and chief developer)
I am devoted to UNIX-principles, I always try to keep things simple, shorten the
processing chain, and restrict dependencies to the bare minimum. I always begin with
a formal model of a problem, and carefully document my design decisions.
My motto is: “It is easy to complicate and difficult to simplify”.
I graduated with master's degree in Applied Mathematics.
My hand-on technical capabilities include:
• Functional Programming (Erlang)
• Imperative Programming (C, Perl, PHP, Assembler)
• Databases (PostgreSQL, Oracle)
• Web Development (HTML/CSS/Javascript, nginx)
I am interested in Functional Programming, and currently learning Ocaml.
I contribute to the Open Source society.
I write research papers on Computer Science
A Next-Generation Data Language Proposal
March 2015
This paper attempts to explain the consequences of the relational calculus
not allowing relations to be domains of relations, and to suggest a solution
for the issue.
eugene panferov
A Password Strength Measure
May 2015
Unlike the vast majority of papers on password authentication, this paper does NOT advise you to include "at least three capital letters", seven underscores, and a number thirteen in your password.
eugene panferov
All my CS papers
SQL Error Reporting Analysis
On SQL Security
On The Unicode's Schizophrenia
A Scalability Solution
Database Is Enough
Web 3.0
eugene panferov
September 2014 – Present (1 year 4 months) is an ambitious start-up focused on the multiplayer game-server based
on the very addictive brand new abstract board game. has open protocol and
attracts multiple clients for various platforms.
I wrote for the protocol definition, the server itself, and one of its browser-
clients. The server is constituted of nginx and cowboy, using mnesia for permanent
data storage. The client is a “single-page application” based on JS-views framework.
Language: Erlang
Basis: cowboy
Tools:, relx
Language: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
Basis: JS-views
Erlang Developer
E-milk Marketing Research Inc.
May 2012 – December 2013 (1 year 8 months)
E-milk Marketing Research Inc. is a marketing research agency based in NY, USA. They
focus on unmediated research using mobile devices. Respondents are using special
mobile apps connected to the e-milk server. Respondents are presented targeted
formal surveys and are expected to provide answers (for a reward) utilizing the mobile
e-milk application. The server Aggregates large amount of data from respondents,
controls surveys' lifecycle (survey design, propagation, expiration), and the billing.
For I wrote (in collaboration with other developers) the business logic
(represented by erlang and plpgsql procedures), the database, the web-interface for
the researchers, and the http interface for the client applications (based on
Languages: Erlang, plpgsql, SQL
Basis: PostgreSQL, nginx, webmachine
Tools: rebar
System Architect, Chief Developer
January 2011 – May 2012 (1 year 5 months) is an e-commerce SaaS based in Krasnodar, Russia. They focus on
small clients – individual entrepreneurs of family held small businesses.
provides unified platform for running your own e-store. Each client is provided his own
(completely isolated, to the extent of very own domain name) out-of-the-box ready-to-
use e-store.
I wrote for the system design (scalability, security, data management,
maintenance, and high load solutions), the database, the business logic (represented
by stored procedures in PostgreSQL), the intermediate layer in PHP, and the web
interface for the clients and the customers (based on my own AJAX framework)
Most important solutions designed for are described and defended in
my articles:
Language: plpgsql, SQL, C, shell-sript, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Basis: PostgreSQL, nginx, nsd, unbound
Tools: apgdiff, tinycaptcha, transearly, urt
UNIX admin, C developer
January 2008 – August 2010 (2 years 8 months) is a big informational web-portal based in Krasnodar, Russia. They develop
and employ whole variety of tools and frameworks (to the extent of their own CMSwith very own imperative language with embedded data language) to run and
maintain their websites and mail services.
I participated the development of their CMS (particularly the data language), wrote a
bunch of tools for replication and other maintenance tasks. I was responsible for the
servers' and data storages' health.
Languages: C, Perl, plpgsql, lemon-BNF, shell-script, PHP
Basis: PostgreSQL, MySQL, nginx, php-fpm, apache
Tools: sphynx, memcache, eAccelerator, lemon, tinycaptcha, urt
Chief developer, Junior developer
Infotrading JSC
October 2001 – January 2007 (5 years 4 months)
Infotrading JSC used to be a software development company based in Krasnodar,
Russia. They were beginning with web-sites of progressive complexity and ended up
developing huge software ERP complex for the government.
I was writing for them websites (using few already extinct CMSes), databases,
application servers; I have designed a thick client for the ERP and developed the
server for it. I have participated the development of their own CMS.
Languages: PHP, plpgsql, SQL, lemon-BNF, C
Basis: PostgreSQL, MySQL, apache, midgard
Tools: memcache, eAccelerator, lemon
Network Technichian
Atlas STC
October 1997 – January 2000 (2 years 4 months)
The company used to be one of the first internet providers in Krasnodar, Russia. And
one of the few system integrators in the region.
I was responsible for implementing (and later designing) corporate networks
(including routing and connectivity). I worked with cisco routers (with cisco-IOS),
Motorola Vanguard, IBM AS/400. I have build IP and X.25 Frame Relay networks, and
one IBM SNA network.
Software developer (intern)
June 1996 – June 1997 (1 year 1 month)
Agrodorproject used to be a small project institute focus on road construction.
I wrote various numerical tools for them in Pascal, and SuperCalc.
Before that I participated quite a few amateur software projects, including very
successful software complex for running school test, deployed in a secondary school
in Krasnodar.
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