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From: Christoph Lohmann <20h_AT_r-36.net>
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2015 16:34:51 +0100

Greetings comrades.

The world seems to have yet another non‐problem: Gender equality. In
theory gender is a vector of the description of a human with many
states, which can be indefinite. Now try to get equality for indefinite
states. But, due to the incapacity of humans this has boiled down to the
traditional values of »male« and »female«. Some historians say that this
»female« value was used to suppress humans having this value.

Now to the suckless approach: There are two established values (newer
ones are currently are being established) and politics is added. The
politics is to enforce more persons to commit to our projects which have
the gender value »female«. We don’t have that many women, so I’m propos‐
ing a pragmatic solution for every new project release: Before every re‐
lease a release maintainer has to find some random female‐looking name
and should script as many random commits into the repository as there
were commits attributed with humans that have a gender of »male«.

How are you comments and ideas?

If we really want to add »gender« as an attribute to all committers,
please add »race« too, for further politcal debates and distraction.


Christoph Lohmann

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