[dev] [ANNOUNCE] dtext-0.1: Font rendering library

From: Leo Gaspard <leo_AT_gaspard.io>
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2016 20:03:13 +0100


I'm happy to announce the first prerelease of dtext, a font rendering
library that tries to suck less:


What it does:
 * Render a string to the screen, using any TTF or OTF font
 * Use any color
 * Fallback between configured fonts

What it does not (yet) do:
 * Replace FontConfig for fallback on non-configured fonts
 * Support multi-face fonts (every font I use has a single face)

What it relies on:
 * libX11 with XRENDER extension
 * FreeType

What I think still sucks (that's why it's a prerelease!):
 * The format of font names
 * Separation between ascent and height

For the format of font names, if one has a font setup with fallback he
wants to use on many programs, it means the font string has to be copied
everywhere... duplicating the configuration. Yet, just giving a path to
a config file would mean added code complexity for what could be
considered as a non-issue.

For the separation between ascent and height, I encountered the issue
with Fantasque Sans Mono, which has some characters with a huge ascent,
and this breaks the expected behaviour -- see examples/stupidterm.c: I
had to adjust both a vertical scale and an ascender scale to make it
look good. However, I haven't yet found how to design this properly,
given it is an issue intrinsic to font rendering: font rendering is made
relative to a baseline, like when people write by hand, while a computer
expects to have a well-sized bounding box.

Do you have an opinion as to how to solve these two issues?
What features do you think are missing or unneeded?

Comments and patches welcome,



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