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From: Geyslan G. Bem <>
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2016 13:19:33 -0300

Hi there,

2016-11-09 12:49 GMT-03:00 Evan Gates <>:
> On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 12:17 AM, Jean Louis <> wrote:
>> Even I always wanted to learn C, in my country we did not have
>> documentation, so I did not know where to begin, and don't know it
>> even now.
>> How did you start learning C?
> The best bet is still to buy a copy of "The C Programming Language"
> often referred to as K&R due to the authors' names Kernighan and
> Ritchie. Make sure to get the second edition that explains ANSI C,
> otherwise known as C89 or C90. Here's an amazon link[0]. It's a great
> introduction to the language. After learning that you can very easily
> learn the new stuff introduced by C99 and if you want C11 (although
> use of C11 tends to be discouraged around here).

I would like to know why C11 sucks around here :) Just curiosity.

> I wholly agree with mar77i that ##c on freenode is a great resource.
> And I too really started using C when I found suckless. I wanted a
> different layout for dwm, then I wanted an extra feature in sic, next
> thing I know I'm starting to understand C and now it's my language of
> choice.
> Good luck!
> -emg
> [0]

Geyslan G. Bem
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