[dev] Cataloging of contacts

From: Thomas Levine <__AT_thomaslevine.com>
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2016 19:36:22 +0000

I want to keep track of some information about people, and I have an
idea of what I want the user interface to be like. Perhaps is there
already something close to what I want?

I want to record the following information about each contact.

* Name
* Phone number
* Email address
* Postal address

I want each contact to have its own file. I will put all of the
contacts' files in a directory tree. I can look up contacts by filename
or with a search. (grep will probably be fine.) The software would do
the following.

* Check that I have formatted the contacts' files properly.
* Convert into formats for other programs (my email client, notably)

If I don't get any other ideas, I will probably write something that
uses vCard as the format. vCard is nice because search engines (like
recoll) will likely recognize it. The main thing I'm wondering is
whether there is a nicer format that vCard.
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