Re: [dev] [announce] wjt-0.1 - slider widget

From: mikan <>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2016 03:01:14 +0100

It's hard hard to share option flags between dmenu and wjt (with $_AT_) because some of them are slightly different.

wjt uses more colors, so I'm not sure what could be done to match color options to dmenu in a non-sucky way, but could you at least change -f to -fn for font?


On December 13, 2016 2:42:15 AM GMT+01:00, Ian Remmler <> wrote:
>I recently switched to dwm, and I've been using the systray patch
>because I liked having a drop down volume control. But I decided to go
>patchless, so I made a slider app to provide something similar:
> (pronounced "widget", of course)
>Adjust the slider with the keyboard or mouse, and the value is printed
>to stdout. The two examples in the repo are what I'm using for volume
>and brightness control on my laptop. I based it on dmenu, and it
>fit in well with the other suckless tools. I hope others will find it

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