Re: [dev] Re: looking for a simple music player

From: Alexander Keller <>
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2017 23:55:17 -0500

Thanks for the suggestion of sad!

I've been using mpd with bindings I added to dwm along with a
libnotify/dunst background shell script on `mpc idle player`. mpd has
been total overkill for what I need. I just add my media library
(Vorbis) and shuffle them.

I've been playing a bit with sad and I found it doesn't fully obey it's
protocol spec. That's fine though. I think I'll hack it into a simpler
media player perfect for others who just want a dwm controlled music DJ.
I think I'm going to make this my weekend project. I'll report back here
when I've something worth sharing.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them.

What I envision:
STDIN to add files to queue: `find ~/music | sad`
  play, next, prev
    OK Artist Name - Song Name
  pause, kill
  ERR Plain text error message

sad [-sr] [-f socket]
-s Shuffle the queue before playing
-r Repeat entire queue (-s shuffles between repeats)
-f sock Define a command socket other than /tmp/sad-fifo

Optional libnotify support
Make each codec optional (no need for Mpeg123 if you don't need MP3s,
Redefine /tmp/sad-fifo
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