Re: [dev] looking for a simple music player

From: Snobb <>
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2017 12:03:53 +0000

Well, then you cannot go wrong with mplayer/mpv really.

I use mpv a lot as well and use cmus for mp3 only. It has a good interface,
but the only real benefit from cmus that it can be controlled via unix socket
(cmus-remote). I have shortcuts configured in the dwm to [pause / next /
prev / volume up|down], and cmus-remote is perfect for this soft of things. It
is, arguably, simpler then mpd and yet can still be controlled from dwm, which
ticks all checkboxes for me.

On 08/02/17 08:54P, Cág wrote:
> Alba Pompeo wrote:
> >
> I tried moc, it's cool but the interface looked kinda weird to me.
> I think I should try it one more time.
> Snobb wrote:
> > I'm surprised nobody mentioned cmus (
> I only used library/playlist pane, and I changed formats to
> simply %{filename}. Also, for some reason it didn't play some
> flac files while mplayer with ffmpeg and flac did.
> --
> Cág
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