Re: Re: [dev] Interesting Web Browser Decoupling Concept

From: Calvin Morrison <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2017 09:16:50 -0400

>> > For youtube, we agree 100%, but it seems that the javascript/modern web engine
>> > combo is used as a kind of DRM... namely the dependency by complexity is _on
>> > purpose_ (see the user agreement of youtube: you MUST use the javascript/modern
>> > web engine video player. [...]

I view it more similarly to the whole Java phenomenon from about 10-15
years ago. Look we can write once run anywhere, isn't it amazing!
(it's not).

The sad part is Java does solve many of these problems that HTML/JS
are resolving, namely complex user dialogs and interfaces being
portable and easy to access.

That's why I am a proponent of Android. Pull down a native app in 30
seconds that "just works" on any android, with full features and it
doesn't rely on some crazy display engine or javascript backend.

The opposite of this, which sucks even more is seeing the pervasion of
things like JS into projects such as GNOME, and the whole node-js

I think having boxed portable apps is actually quite good, and running
them in their own chroot, or some sort of security container like
android provides gives users the ability to limit permissions in a
hard way.

I don't particuarly like the app interfaces, I don't particularly like
writing apps for Android, but I think it's a damn sight better than
the latest and greatest webapp(tm)

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