Re: [dev] suckless compromised?

From: Hiltjo Posthuma <>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2017 14:33:25 +0200

On Fri, Sep 01, 2017 at 01:14:05PM +0200, hiro wrote:
> On the website i just found the following information (not distributed
> via mailing list either):
> "The project is now hosted on a new server. All inactive
> accounts have been removed during the relocation.
> Please note that the new ECDSA key fingerprint is
> SHA256:7DBXcYScmsxbv7rMJUJoJsY5peOrngD4QagiXX6MiQU."
> In addition there are now TLS certificates, I guess to create more
> trust in people.

Twisting words, as usual. It's amazing you can turn everything into
something negative.

> But, is Anselm even still alive? Why should I trust suckless hasn't
> been taken over by these new guys on the mailing list? Where is the
> proof here?

Anselm moved this new server. There is no "proof".

> Why is the domain on Anselm's name, but all these certificate work
> comes from random dudes like these Laslos and Hiltjos?
> I'm hereby distancing myself from suckless as my former level of trust
> has been broken by all the late events.

This is retarded logic. You only know this because it has been announced.
You have not contributed anything anyway. Just boring trolling.

> There was one brighter mind who finally joined us, but now it's too late.

Haha, and who is this? You?

> I hope this mail reaches anyone and isn't filtered by some imposter.
> Good bye.
> hiro

Do something good with your life,

Your (trusted) friend,
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